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Art Commission by MirushyArt (@MirushyArt on Instagram). If this is the first time to see this, please, first talk with me through e-mail, contact form of this website or direct messages on stated Instagram account.

This is 50% upfront payment of agreed price in previous conversation. In this product, you will enter in the price field, the agreed price of the art commission I will create for you. Please, read the conditions below.


Mercy Digital Designs, also known as Mirushy Art, promises to create the art commission you ordered and previously agreed with me through e-mail or direct messages on social media with a determined price.

This is if you made the first 50% payment of the agreed price.

In case you don’t fulfill in this order the agreed price, I reserve the right of not making the art commission and will refund 90% of what you paid. The rest 10% I will not refund you, it’s because of electronic payments fees.

If this first half payment is right, I will start to create the art commission. I will send you the drawing for you approval or make changes. If you aprove, I will continue to color base the artwork. Then, if you agree with the colors, I will send you the finished commissioned artwork, when you make the second half or 50% of the payment.

For more information, we will continue communicating.


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