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Free Printable Bookmark to Color: 8 Original Designs in PDF

Free Printable Bookmark to Color

Printable bookmark to color is a great way to make your bookmark more personal, choosing the colors and the way you want to color it. Even, you may adapt it to the theme of the book, notebook or planner you are reading. The free printable bookmark to color is for both kids and adults. And coloring the bookmarks it’s an activity the family can make together and have fun!

Also, it could interest to you these colored or painted ready to print Bookmark Printable Free.

8 Original Designs of Free Printable Bookmark to Color

Here, you will find 8 original designs of free printable bookmarks you can download instantly and print fast and easy for coloring:

8 Free Printable Bookmarks to Color
  1. Flowers Pattern Bookmark Printable: a digital design of many abstract flowers of different types that can be so distinctive depending on the colors you choose.
  2. Curved Lines Pattern Bookmark Printable: curved stripes pattern you can paint with two alternate colors, three colors or like a rainbow.
  3. Pumpkins Bookmark Printable: different sizes of pumpkins perfect for autumn season.
  4. Autumn Leaves Pattern Bookmark Printable: digitally hand drawn fall leaves outlines to color to your taste.
  5. Flowers and Lines Bookmark Printable: a delicate composition of flowers and lines that will make your book look more elegant.
  6. Flowers and Butterflies Bookmark Printable: a fun composition of long flowers and butterflies that will look amazing with vibrant colors.
  7. Vintage Rose Bookmark Printable: a simple stand alone rose to complement your book or journal.
  8. Leaves Pattern Bookmark Printable: a simple and almost geometrical leaves pattern design.
Printed Bookmarks

Additionally, every free printable bookmark to color comes in 2 sizes: 2×6 inches and 2×8 inches. Also, they are available in two types of files, one file with all the bookmarks on three pages and another with one bookmark with crop lines per page. The first document you can print in Letter or A4 size paper. The last one, in any paper bigger than 2×6 inches or 2×8 inches, depending on the bookmark’s size you will print.

Free Printable Bookmarks to Color 2x6 2x8 inches
2×6 inches and 2×8 inches printable bookmarks to color

Every size of the printable bookmark to color comes in a PDF file of the specific sizes containing all the bookmarks in one page or two. To open it you will need a PDF reader. We suggest downloading Adobe Reader for free.

Suggestions for printing and cutting your bookmark printable free

First, we recommend printing your bookmarks on White Cardstock paper for better durability. On the other hand, you could print them in regular paper and glue it to cardboard or construction paper to make them last longer and more sturdy.

In case you want the design on both sides of the bookmark you should one of the following options:

1- Print the bookmarks page as you normally do, flip the page on the short edge, place it again in the printer tray and print one more time the same file. Use this option, especially if you print on cardstock or a thicker paper.

2-If you print the bookmarks on regular paper and later you will glue it onto cardboard or something similar, then you can print the file two times, cut the bookmarks and glue one in one side and the other bookmark into the other side of the cardboard.

Once you have printed your bookmarks, all you have to do is cut it out, color them and use them to mark your favorite part of the book you’re reading or to mark something important in your planner.

Coloring Free Printable Bookmarks

Ideas for coloring your printable bookmarks

  • With color pencils
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Paint, like gouache or acrylic
  • A mix of different art mediums
  • Pens or fineliners of different colors
Ideas to Color Bookmarks
1st, 2nd and 5th with color pencils. 3rd with markers. 4th and last with fineliners.

Download the 8 Free Printable Bookmarks to Color


This free resource from Mercy Digital Designs is only for personal use. So, please do not share, resell or redistribute the files or use the item(s) commercially under any circumstances or share them publicly. Thank you.

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What is your favorite bookmark printable? Mine it’s the autumn pattern. Will you use it in a book, planner or notebook? What art medium for coloring will you use? Anyway, I hope you enjoy and have fun with them!

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