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Free Printable Wall Art Black and White and some ideas to get the most out of it

Free Printable Wall Art Black and White and Some Ideas

The Free Printable Wall Art Black And White flower illustration is the perfect minimalist print to decor any space of your home. The simple line art in black of this botanical art combines with any color you decorate your house. Also, the floral black and white art print can fit with many decorating styles like minimalist, modern, boho, vintage, cute or romantic.

The art of this free printable wall art in black and white is a delicate branch with two almond flowers. So, the nature of this art print is suitable to decorate a girl or woman’s bedroom, the living room, your house’s hall, bathroom or a sweet touch to your home office or desk area. 

Printable Wall Art Black and White

I made the printable wall art black and white in 8.5 x 11 inches size because this is a common paper size that can be easier for you to print at home. But, you can always print at your local shop if you desire. On the other hand, the wall art is in PDF file format. To open it we suggest using Adobe Reader for free.

How to print the Printable Wall Art Black and White

We will talk about some basic tips for printing your printable wall art. Also, remember to check the correct aspect ratio when choosing the paper. For in detail suggestions on how to print your wall art, read this article.

For printing your digital art print, consider these print settings:

  1. Remember to use the correct ratio file for your print.
  2. Choose the right size paper for your desired art print size. As well, choose the corresponding paper size on your print options.
  3. Print with high quality for better results.
  4. Select the correct type of paper: glossy photo paper or matte. 
  5. For a file bigger than the objective, in your printer options look for a similar option like ‘shrink to fit’ or ‘shrink oversized pages’. For a file smaller than the desired art print size (not recommended), use the option ‘Fit’. This will make the art print ‘expand’ to refill the page.
  6. Finally, print and frame your wall art.

Ideas to get the most out of the Free Printable Wall Art Black and White

Now you know how to print your wall art, it’s time to show you some alternative ideas to print it. For printing wall art we suggest to use a thicker paper for longer durability and higher quality like cardstock or presentation paper. Unless you will use the print for a shorter period of time. However, excluding the regular white cardstock or paper there are some options like color cardstock/paper, digital paper and more you can print a black and white wall art to make it

1- Print your minimalist black and white wall art on color cardstock

This functions perfectly when printing black and white art prints on color cardstock or paper sheets (if is for temporary use) like light pink, blue, green, beige and more. Because of this type of art, there is optimal contrast between the background and the black ink. So, try with a light color paper sheet to give your wall art a personalized twist. 

2- Print the the printable wall art on craft paper

Printable Wall Black and White on Art Craft Paper

For a vintage, boho, natural or rustic look you can print almond flowers art print on craft paper or craft cardstock for better durability. It will look so beautiful and different!

3. Print your black and white wall art on paper with background, scrapbook paper or printable digital paper

Printable Wall Art Black and White on Digital Paper

In this case, you should do it with caution. It’s recommended printing your black and white wall art in light or medium tone color paper for best results. Moreover, the paper’s design should be subtle and monochrome. Like the thin lines of the photo.

If you already have a scrapbook paper, check its size, place it on the printer and print your beautiful wall art. On the other hand, you can print a digital paper like this or printable stationery paper. Then, on top of it, print your wall art.

4- Print on blank bordered writing paper or bordered stationery paper

Printable Wall Art on Writing Paper

This is similar to the previous point. However, this type of paper has its design all around the borders of the page or in some corners of the page. Consequently, the space in the middle of the page will remain blank.

If you already have stationery paper, print the planner on it. In this type of paper you could print this wall if it has enough margin space on the sides.

If you do not have bordered writing paper, you can get a printable one. In Mercy Digital Designs, we offer this colorful waves printable stationery paper and this cute flowers writing paper with borders.

Firstly, print the writing paper. For better results, print the writing paper on white cardstock. So, your art print will last longer. Secondly, on top of the writing paper, place it again in the printer and print the black and white wall art. 

Download the Free Printable Wall Art Black and White Almond Flowers


This free resource from Mercy Digital Designs is only for personal use. So, please do not share, resell or redistribute the files or use the item(s) commercially under any circumstances. Either share them publicly. Thank you.

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We hope you like this free printable wall art. Please, enjoy it decorating your space!

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