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What is Printable Wall Art and its Benefits

What is Printable Wall Art

Probably you have heard the term printable wall art, digital art print, printable wall decor, or simply printable art. In this post you will know what is a printable wall art or digital art print, what are the benefits of printable art, how to use it and where to get it.

What is a Printable Wall Art or Digital Art Print?

A Printable Wall Art is an artwork in a digital format, generally a JPEG image format file that you can print immediately at home, in a local print shop or online printing service. Usually, the digital art print comes in high resolution JPEG file at 300 DPI (Dot Per Inch) and various sizes for different image ratios. The printable art could be done in a traditional way and later on scanned and processed for final touches digitally. On the other hand, the art could be made completely digital in a computer or tablet, which is called digital art.

Printable Wall Art Size Guide

In the first place, to understand better the sizes of digital art prints, we have to know what aspect ratio is. Aspect ratio refers to the proportion between width and height of a picture and its orientation, which is portrait or landscape oriented. Then, essentially the aspect ratio describes the shape of the object it refers to and it can be applicable to many things. Some are art print, photography, canvas, image or even the screen of your phone.

Consequently, different sizes of prints can have the same aspect ratio. For example: an aspect ratio of 2:1 indicates the width is double the height of the image and is landscape oriented. But it can have a size of 12” x 6”, 16” x 8”, 24” x 12” and so on. If the aspect ratio is 1:2, the width is half the height of the image, in other words, the height is double the width and it’s portrait oriented. Again, it can be different sizes and it’s the opposite of the previous example: 6” x 12”, 8” x 16” and 12” x 24”. As a result, a ratio of 2:1 is equivalent to 1:2, the difference is the orientation.

In the following table you will find the most common digital art prints ratios and its sizes.

Printable Wall Art Sizes Table

2:3 Ratio3:4 Ratio4:5 Ratio5:7 Ratio
(International A Paper Size)
11″ x 14
4” x 6” / 10 x 15 cm3” x 4” / 7.6 x 10 cm4” x 5” / 10 x 12.7 cm5” x 7”11” x 14” / 27.9 x 35.6 cm
6” x 9” / 15.2 x 22.9 cm6″ x 8″ / 15.2 x 20 cm8” x 10” / 20 x 25.4 cm A6: 4.1” x 5.8” / 10.5 x 14.8cm22 x 28 cm
8 ”x 12” / 20 x 30 cm9” x 12” / 22.9 x 30 cm12” x 15” / 30 x 38 cmA5: 5.8” x 8.3” / 14.8 x 21.0 cm
10” x 15” / 25.4 x 38 cm12” x 16” / 30 x 40.6 cm 16” x 20” / 40.6 x 50.8 cmA4: 8.3” x 11.7” / 21.0 x 29.7 cm
12” x 18” / 30 x 45 cm15” x 20” / 38 x 50.8 cm20” x 25” / 50.8 x 63.5 cmA3: 11.7” x 16.5” / 29.7 x 42 cm
16” x 24” / 40 x 60 cm18” x 24” / 45 x 60 cm24” x 30” / 60 x 76 cmA2: 16.5” x 23.4” / 42.0 x 59.4 cm
20” x 30” / 50.8 x 76 cm24” x 32” / 60 x 81.3 cmA1: 23.4” x 33.1” / 59.4 x 84.1 cm
24” x 36” / 60 x 90 cm30” x 40” / 76 x 101.6 cm

Furthermore, we shouldn’t forget about square art prints, with a 1:1 ratio: equal width and height. 

Why is it important to know the aspect ratio of a printable wall art?

Aspect Ratio Printable Wall Art

Because it’s fundamental for printing purposes. It’s better to know if it is possible to rescale the digital artwork you get to the desired size to print and frame. Since aspect ratios are not interchangeable, if you try to print a file in a determined aspect ratio to a size with a different aspect ratio, your beautiful art print will be cropped or distorted. So, please, respect the aspect ratio to get beautiful wall art.

What styles of digital art prints are available?

Digital Art Prints Styles

Like physical art prints, there are available so many style options for digital ones, including these and more. For example:

  • Abstract
  • Boho / Bohemian
  • Minimalist
  • Geometrical
  • Botanical and floral
  • Mid Century 
  • Modern
  • Typographic Designs
  • Quotes
  • Nursery Wall Art

What art techniques can be found in printable wall art?

The possibilities are endless. Since modern typographic designs, digital art to any traditional art techniques that can be digitized:

  1. Watercolor
  2. Gouache
  3. Ink drawing
  4. Pencil drawings, colored pencils drawings
  5. Mixed media
  6. Markers
  7. Painting with acrylics or oleos
  8. Photography
  9. A collage of photographs or a mix of them with digital art
  10. Digital Art: vectors or digitally drawn with a tablet

And more!

What are the Benefits of Printable Wall Art?

Printable art has the same benefits as digital printables and more. As an illustration read these benefits:

  1. These prints are digital files you can get instantly to download. You don’t have to wait for your artwork to arrive to decor your home. After you purchase the art print, you will receive a link to download it from the website you purchased it or get the link to download in a mail in your email if they are delivered that way.
  2. They are available worldwide. If you are interested in a printable wall art made by a person in another country, you can get it right away. There are no impossibilities to get it or have to pay for international shipping.
  3. You can save money. Because the Art Prints are digital have cheaper prices compared to physical print or the original creation. You only would pay for the work of the creator. 
  4. Moreover, you can print them as many times as you want and use them many years to come. Additionally, you can print the artwork in many sizes or the size you need to match the frame you have. So it is highly customizable to match your space.
  5. Digital Art Prints are original creations. When purchasing you get directly from the creator. Your beautiful print is unique and you won’t find anywhere.
  6. Certainly, you can help support a small business. The majority of printable wall art shops are created by artists or designers. 
  7. The JPEG files for the art print are high quality. If you download and print any picture you find on the Internet, it is okay, but the resolution probably would not be good (72 DPI) and the aspect ratio of the image could not fit your needs. On the other hand, the printable wall art you buy will have a high resolution (300 DPI) that will print sharp and various files for different aspect ratios.
  8. In addition, a digital art print is eco-friendly. There is no shipping, no packaging materials and no contamination by transporting the product.

Where to buy Digital Art Print?

You can find these pieces of art on online stores of the artist or designer who create them, like us, and marketplaces. A popular marketplace where you can find handmade products, DIYs and digital printables is Etsy, where Mercy Digital Designs also has a store

Feel free to check our Digital Art Prints:

That’s it! We hope this article helped you to learn what is a printable wall art, its multiple benefits and inspire you to decorate your spaces with it . We like digital art prints so much and would be great if they like you too.  Now that you read about it, do you have any questions about it? If so, you can write them in the comments section.

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