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Cute Wallpaper for Desktop

Cute Wallpaper for Desktop

In today’s post I will be offering you cute wallpaper for desktop or any computer you can download instantly. These desktop wallpapers are free. And, in total, they are 22 of them. So, you could use as many as you want.

The cute wallpaper for desktop is a selection of royalty free beautiful images from Unsplash, modified by me that I transformed into digital wallpapers in 4K and Full HD (1920 x 1080 px) resolutions. Moreover, the last two cute backgrounds were digitally drawn by me. I hope all of the cute wallpaper for desktop will like you.

Then, you will see the wallpaper desktop previews, but the real wallpapers are ready to download in the buttons down below the previews. One button for the 4K version and another for the Full HD version of the wallpapers. Also, each wallpaper is in JPEG format that you can use in any of your devices, not only desktop or laptop. They could be a horizontal background for your tablet or iPad, too.

Download Cute Wallpaper for Desktop for free


These free resources from Mercy Digital Designs are only for personal use. So, please do not share, resell or redistribute the files or use the item(s) commercially under any circumstances. Either share them publicly. Thank you.

1. Purple Starry Night Wallpaper for Desktop

A stunning starry night with purple sky and beautiful mountains silhouette.

Night Purple Sky

2. Two Pastel Hearts Cute Wallpaper for Desktop

A pair of heart shaped gloves with delicate paint splash and soft pink peach color background.

Cute wallpaper for desktop with two hearts

3. Cute Wallpaper for desktop – rainbow lights

Beautiful rounded light shapes in rainbow colors.

Cute Wallpaper for desktop rainbow lights

4. Pastel Rainbow Background

A simple and soft pastel rainbow colors gradient.

Pastel rainbow

5. Cute and colorful globes in the sky Wallpaper

Flying globes in a sunny blue skie.

Cute globes in the sky wallpaper

6. Rainbow Lollipops Wallpaper

A cute arrangement of lollipops in rainbow colors with pale pink background.

Lollipops Cute wallpaper for desktop

7. Floral Vintage Arrangement Wallpaper

Distinc types of flowers arrangement in pink, blue and purple.

Floral vintage arrangement wallpaper

8. Pink Neon origami birds background

Amazing pink, yellow and yeal origami birds background.

Neon origami birds background

9. Purple night wallpaper

Purple night wallpaper

10. Blue abstract geometrial shapes wallpaper

Radial triangle shapes in blue and green colors.

Blue abstract geometrial shapes

11. Cute Soft pink cloudy sky Wallpaper for Desktop

A gorgeous photography of sunset cloudy sky with pinkish tones.

Soft pink cloudy sky

12. Purple and pink space Digital Background

A marvelous starry space in purple and pink colors.

Purple and pink space

13. Cute Rainbow Circular Gradient Wallpaper

Super soft gradient with rainbow colors in circular shape.

Rainbow gradient wallpaper cute

14. Colorful diagonal lines background

Colorful diagonal lines background

15. Blue sky with pink clouds Background

Blue sky with pink clouds and group of black birds photography.

Blue sky with pink clouds

16. Purple daisies pattern wallpaper

A monochromatic daises flowers pattern in purple color.

Purple dasies pattern wallpaper

17. Green dasies flowers pattern Digital Background

Another monochromatic daises flowers pattern, but now in green color.

Green dasies flowers pattern

18. Abstract paint wallpaper

Linear abstract paint in some colors wallpaper.

Abstract paint wallpaper

19. Geometric Pattern Wallpaper for Desktop

Geometric concentric shapes pattern with rainbow colors wallpaper.

Geometric Pattern Wallpaper for Desktop

20. Cute Pastel pink abstract fluid Wallpaper for Desktop

Pastel pink abstract fluid background

21. Green geometric shapes pattern background

Original green digital art pattern of geometic shapes by Mercy Digital Designs.

Green geometric shapes pattern background

22. Cute Geometric Pattern Wallpaper for Desktop

Cute geometric pattern with pink, purple and blue colors, created by Mercy Digital Designs.

Cute Geometric Pattern Wallpaper for Desktop

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Finally, I hope you had enjoyed the 22 cute wallpaper for desktop, laptop or any other device of yours.

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