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Free Printable Memo Paper

Free Printable Memo Paper

The Free Printable Memo Paper has a cute blue design with moon, clouds and stars. A very handy way to write pretty reminders and quick notes to have at hand. Also, you can use it to incorporate to your planner, journal or binder. Add a clouds inspired design with leaves and stand out a important part of your planner spread.

As well, you could use it as general stationery and bullet journaling.

Free Printable Memo Paper

The Free Printable Memo Paper is a set of three memo pads with different designs of a night’s sky and different shades of blue. Consequently, the first memo pad has stars pattern border with light blue grid paper. The second has a beautiful moon with clouds illustration at the botton of the memo pad and blue border with stars.

Lastly, the third memo pad has cute moon with clouds design at the botton right corner and top left corner. Together with a white background with light blue lines.

So, I designed three types of blue printable memo pad in 3 x 3 inches size for your convenience. These free printable memo pads comes in US Letter PDF file with the 3 versions twice.

All you have to do is print the pdf file and cut the printable memo paper! You can print them in US Letter or A4 size paper.

At the same time, the are available more free memo pads designs like the the Mauve Heart Memo Pads and Free Autumn Leaves Memo Pad. Don’t forget to download them.

Free Printable Memo Pads Mauve Heart
Printable Memo Pad Free with Autumn Leaves

On the other hand, to open the memo pads PDF file we recommend to download the free program Adobe Reader.

Download Free Printable Memo Pad with Autumn Leaves


This free resource from Mercy Digital Designs is only for personal use. So, please do not resell or redistribute the files. Also, do not use the item(s) commercially under any circumstances or share them publicly. Thank you.

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We hope you like this free printable memo paper. Please, enjoy it!

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