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Planner clips: how to make planner clips easy

Planner Clips - How to make planner clips easy

Do you like pretty planner clips to motivate you to use your planner? Here you will find how to make planner clips easy, simple and beautiful. They are useful to mark the planner pages that are important for you. Also, when making them you can choose the embellishments that best suit your taste and match with your planner.

Next, I will show you 3 simple ideas with different types of beads about how to make DIY planner clips in a very short period of time. Maybe, making these planner clips will take you less than five minutes, and you can make them with materials you possibly have at home.

1- How to make planner clips with glued beads

You will need:

  • Paper clips of your choice
  • Small seed beads: about 8 mm size or any other bead
  • Glue
1 - Planner Clips Materials

First, introduce the bead or small seed beads of your choice in the clip. If it is a little difficult to pass by the most curved part of the clip, you should move gently one side of the clip to slightly open it. If you cannot do it with your hand, you could use jewelry pliers or simple pliers to help you. Then, pass the bead or beads and return the clip to the original position.

2 - Introducing small beads in the clip

Before you place your beads to the top position or desired position, put a small amount of glue on that part of the clip. Consequently, place the beads on the right place and let it dry. So, now you have finished your first planner clip.

3 - Planner Clips with glued seed beads

2- How to make planner clips with bead dangle

You will need:

  • Paper clips 
  • Medium size beads (I recommend beads with beautiful shapes like stars or hearts) or pendant charms like these or these
  • Jewelry head pins, like these, in case you have only beads, not pendant charms
  • Jewelry round pliers, like these
  • Cutting pliers
4 - Hanging Planner Clips Materials

In case you have pendant charms that already are a bead dangle, that is to say, a bead inserted in a head pin, you can insert it in the clip right away. 

5 - A star bead dangle in clip

On the other hand, to make a bead dangle, introduce the bead on the head pin. Then, measure the desired length for your bead dangle. After that, bend the pin to the side at the level of the bead and make a round shape in the pin. Finally, cut the rest of the pin and introduce it in your clip.

6 - Planner clip with star bead dangle

3- Make beaded planner clip


  • Paper clips
  • Medium size beads
  • Jewelry wire
  • Jewelry round pliers
7 - Planner Clips Materials with Pearls

Introduce a bead in the middle of a short piece of wire, in my case a medium pearl, bend the left part of the wire to the right side and vice versa, forming an X shape.

8 - Introducing pearl on clip

Then, pass the wire through the clip and roll the wire on each side of the clip a couple of times with the help of the pliers. Finally, cut the rest of the wire and that’s it.

9 - Planner clips with pearls

The planner clips are a practical and cute way to personalize your planner. There are available many options of planner clips, tons of ways to make them to your taste and endless possibilities when you create your own planner clips.

10 - Planner Clips

Now you have learned three simple but beautiful ways about how to make planner clips. My favorite is the planner clip with some glued small seed beads. What is your favorite planner clip of the above? Leave in the comments your opinion or if you have suggestions.

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